Youth Anthems

by Problem Child

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Recorded between 2013 and 2015 at Ad Astra Recording in Williston, VT.

Initial recording by Peter Engisch.

Additional recording and mixing by Evan Engisch.

All songs written by Problem Child.

Evan Engisch - Guitar/Vocals
Matt Decker - Drums
Kevin Wilkinson - Bass


released August 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Problem Child Williston, Vermont

Evan Engisch - Guitar/Vocals

Matt Decker - Drums

Kevin Wilkinson - Bass

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Track Name: I'm Outa Here!
They try to keep you on track, try to keep you held down
Focus set on the future they don't care about now
Bundled up in deceit, it keeps you safe and sound
False intentions, they cover up the lies that you tell

I think I'm falling
And I can't fight back
I think I'm loosing
I can't take this...

Stress that's on my mind, it builds up all the time
I've gotta let it out (so I scream and shout)
It's getting on my nerves, distorting what I've heard
I'm loosing all control, but I just don't know...

Why it bothers me
Nothing new, can't you see?
But I'd rather be on my own then take the easy road
'Cause then I'd have no where left to go

I've watched them follow the lines, watched them accept what they're told
Never question the path that they've been taught to follow
Well I'm not part of that herd, I want to try something new
What's the point of success without defeat when you learn nothing new?
Track Name: Hidden Citizen
On the streets, beneath the stages
On the shelves and between the pages
Behind walls, closed doors, places that we've never been before

Their names remain unwritten.

Overhead, underground
Lost because they don't make a sound
Walking by, passing low
What they've done, we'll never know

Their names remain unwritten.
Track Name: Don't Take This as a Compliment
Of all the things I've seen you neglect
Your selfishness, your disrespect
None of it can be justified
You're just a fool, ignorant and blind

There's something lost deep inside your head
Your common sense, your intellect
To you the world ends with these walls
But we break them down, destroy them all

Then someday a time will come
When you realize that we were right all along

Is anybody out there?
Is anybody listening?
Can anybody hear me?
There's something you're missing.

You see difference as a fatal flaw
When rules are broken, it's something wrong
The only difference I see take place is your apathy
What a disgrace

Then you're thrown into the great unknown
But you lie to yourself and you don't even know where you belong
Track Name: Something Thankless
These words are irellivant.

Or though it seems to me.
Cause there's nothing left to feel.
And there's nothing left to see.

The same points have been made before.
We're just regurgitating ideas.
We don't mean to abhor.

But what we're after is the energy.
Cause it's that feeling that puts meaning in our pedigree.

And when opinions count for nothing at hand,
It's out actions and reactions that decide where we stand.
Track Name: All This Moisture is Gonna Push Off to the East...
You can try to run, to hide
You know you'll never make it out alive
You can lie, and cheat, and fake
We're still defined by decisions that we make

Two, three, and four
Put on that record and dance around some more
Why be let down?
You can't always be the one carrying the crown

We all need some positive re-enforcement every once in a while
We all need something or someone that makes us smile
'Cause negativity's got no place in our lives today
So forget your 'woe is me', listen here what I have to say

Take it on, take it over
And throw it out the door
All this stress, all this anger
You won't need it anymore
It's something new, something special
Something you can't explain
It's a lifeline, it's an outlet
It's whatever you want it to be

So sing along with all your friends
'Cause it doesn't matter how this ends
This music is gonna get me through the night.
Track Name: Cellar Door
I'll take time to figure this out
With overconfident subliminal doubt
I'll wait for you

I've wandered streets before, bliss and alone
Contained in restlessness, I found a home
I'll wait for you

I can't sleep at night
When there's so much more outside
I've been wasting all my time
Searching for someone else's 'better life'.

You opened the entrance, but I slammed the door
You broke the silence, but I've never spoken before
I just want something new

I can't sit still, I'm hardly alive
Taken hostage by the blink of an eye
I'll just wait for my cue
Track Name: Dollar Signs
I think I've decided to live my life today
Won't spend my time hoping for that future raise
Look around and money is all I see
Material existence is not the life for me

It's all about who makes the most cash
It's all about who lives the most lavish life
Dollar signs make the world go 'round
I'll show you something money can't buy

Everything in life seems to come with a hidden charge
First priorities: 'Gotta make sure you're living large'
Track Name: Realist
Hate standing still, but don't want to move
Yellow walls of a painted room
Covered black, it's a curious thing
Mask of sadness your appearance brings

Love songs on the stereo
Names of faces you don't even know
Wave goodbye doesn't mean a thing
The day is done what will tomorrow bring?

There's something here bigger than us all
(You never listen)
Our petty problems have no means to resolve
(You're not trying)
Say goodbye to life inside your head
(You've gotta see it)
Time is merely an invention of man
(We're not trying)

We're not trying.
Track Name: Stop.
Track Name: Can't Get Away
I'm drifting in my own world
Got nothing to do
All these people passing by
They don't have a clue

'Cause I don't care about your politics
Don't care about TV
I don't care about fashion
Don't even care about me

I can't get away
I'm so far gone, yet I'm so damn close
And there's nothing that you can say
I can't get away

I tried to entertain
I tried to get along
I tried to find another place
But it all went wrong

I guess there's nothing for me here
So I'll make my own way
No one can stop me
There's nothing you can say
Track Name: War at Six
Am I supposed to feel like I have something to give?
Am I supposed to believe there's another reason to live?
Why should I search for answers, I'm not vulnerable?
Why do we feel the need to define what's unexplainable?

The same things have been said before
It's nothing new, there's no open door
It doesn't matter who I say I am
There's no one out there with a master plan

We live our lives in all different ways
Harm each other if we don't feel the same
So why don't we go on and live our lives
Instead we wage religious wars tonight

Yet with uncertainty we still waste our time
Trying to convince each other of what's wrong or right
But in the end it's all unknown, and that's clear to me
When you look at evolution, it's always favored diversity