Restless When Idle

by Problem Child

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Recorded primarily on August 26th & 27th, 2011 at Ad Astra Recording in Williston, VT. (
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Peter Engisch.


released March 29, 2012

Cover photo taken by Dan Gonyea on July 2nd at the Hub in Bristol, VT. Huge thanks to him for allowing us to use the picture! Check his stuff out here:

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Problem Child Williston, Vermont

Evan Engisch - Guitar/Vocals

Matt Decker - Drums

Kevin Wilkinson - Bass

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Track Name: The Protesters
We live our lives in secrecy, we’ve fled the underground
They mark us as “the protesters”, but we don’t make a sound
We interrogate through all the lies and look for the truth
If we don’t like what we don’t find, then we’ll hear it from you

We make our own ways
We pay for their raise
We die for their sins
But it doesn’t matter cause we all know that we’re gonna win

We cannot win the battles cause’ our lives are what they sell
But they will get what they deserve cause they all go to hell
We struggle as the fight goes on and try to make our move
We live apart from all the thieves that have nothing to prove
Track Name: Wake Up!
Look around, all I see is lies
They wanna make it but they don’t know why
Seems like there must be something more to life
“Just follow the rest and you’ll all be fine”

Jump through hoops cause they tell you to
Do what the other kids did before you
Sounds like a case of conformity
“Why go against tradition? There’s no chance of being free.”

My future’s calling, yes it’s calling out my name
But I can’t hear it anymore
I feel I’m loosing it, am I the only one?
Someone please tell me where to go

It’s on the news and it’s on TV
There’s no future left for me
I see the truth displayed every day
They still insist that we’ll be ok

So take a look, take a look around
This world’s a mess and there’s no way out
Ignore the truth and give in to lies
“Admit defeat, live in decline”

Take a look, take a look around
Track Name: Wanna B W/ U (Ode to Screeching Weasel)
I wish you had the will, I wish you had the time
I wish you could be all mine all mine
I would that you would see, I wish that you would care
Don’t you know that all I wanna do is stare?

I wanna be yours, I wanna be true
Don’t you know I really wanna be with you
Wanna stay up all night, wanna be there by your side
Come on, let’s not waste any time

As the world passes by and I look in your eyes
Well it just isn’t fair, cause you’re not there
And I sit there all day trying to figure out a way
To get you alone, so I can let you know that I
I really really really really really wanna be with you

I see you across the room, heard that you’re leaving soon
I guess this is my only chance
But as I walk your way, what crosses in front of my face?
A beauty of which I’ve never glanced
Track Name: W.B.C. (A New Kind of Hate)
They preach their homophobic beliefs
They spread their message on the streets
Their goal is driven singularly through hate

They won’t give in, they won’t stand down
Let’s drive em’ all into the ground
And maybe someday they’ll open their eyes

They have no understanding, they have no compassion
They fight against the rights of us all
No room for equality, no room for justice
It’s our job to make sure they fall
It’s the WBC

Brainwash the children, trick the youth
They don’t know what the fuck else to do
Cause’ they can’t see the truth behind it all

They’ll hold your banners, they’ll hold your signs
They’ll sing a tune, they’ll stand in line
They’re not old enough to decide for themselves
Track Name: Letter to a Fascist
Dear fascist from afar,
What’s this world waiting for?
To kill in far off lands? To dispute with our hands?
When will you see this is enough?

You’re hands are stained blood red
As you lay there in your bed
The trouble that you’ve caused, the lives that have been lost
How do you even sleep at night?

Today, you say that there’s no other way
So you fight, you kill, you say that it’s your will

New day, a new attack?
Just stab us in the back
And as the fight goes on, you feel we’re standing strong
Yet we’re all dying in the end

Today, you say that there’s no other way
So you fight, you kill, you say that it’s your will
Seems you can’t find an alternative answer
So you continue to kill for peace

Clap your hands, make amends
Burn your papers, make your plans
Cause’ the end is near
Track Name: A Catchy One
Dressed in long red hair, she doesn’t give a care
For anyone who is against her
And on stormy nights, she occupies my mind
She sings the tune of everything I’ve dreamed of

Rebel in her thoughts, angel in my dreams tonight
Taken slowly by the beauty in her eyes I see

Well the tables turn, they've turned around
The waves, they crash, going up and down
I wonder if she’ll ever be there for me

I’m a victim of my imagination, a silhouette of your frustration
My angst is clear, my eyes wide open, but it seems like nothing’s left here for me
But now I’ve come to see she’s what’s left for me

Tangled in my lies, a victim of disguise
Yet loneliness, it seems to last forever
But with one last glance, I feel that there’s a chance
That someday soon, we will be together
Track Name: Wartime
A man was shot in a protest today
They say the killer has pleaded insane
There’s oil leaking and blood’s gone to waste
But still we fight, and still we sing

They need a new poster-boy for Iraq
The last one was sent away and he’s never coming back
Innocent children on the line of attack
But there’s still hope, there’s still a crowd

This is a song for those who constantly stand on their toes
Waiting for the next big attack
Waiting for the sun to rise and ease them of their troubled minds
Waiting for the day that we know we’ll rise again

I hear there’s trouble on the homefront of war
They’ve posted pictures of who they’re looking for
And as the days go by they ask for our support
But still we stand, we won’t give in

Tears are shedding and time’s being spent
Lives are ending and some can’t pay the rent
Man is loosing, yet still we shall prevail
Is this the best that we can do?
Track Name: Restless When Idle
Came to life around 95’, tough in this world just to stay alive
Minimum wage and upset motives, just wait til’ we seize the day

We took all our rights and we wrote em' on the wall
Kick down the sofa while we’re going through them all
We will complain and we know what you’ll say
But in the end, all hail liberty

Found new life in 2004, won’t take shit from you anymore
Screw the flag and burn our rights, it’s time to go out and live our lives

On the darkest night, when thought’s occupy my mind
I then realize it all makes sense
In order to plea for peace, you have to cry for lies
And there is no other way around

And I don’t want to think about tomorrow, when I don’t even care about today

Even the beginning of nothing has to start with the end of something
Abandoned thoughts are a human casualty
And when the start of a life has to come with the biggest price
That’s when I say the answer’s clear to me

And as the days go by, I just sit and wonder why
I don’t know if this will ever end
In order to die for something, you have to live for nothing
And there is no other way around

So I’ll take the bullshit that you say and save it for another day
End of a life, end of a lie, this is something that you gave to me...